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Our achievements

Well organized team

TOLMAR has a well-organized creative team who enjoy a nice and friendly working climate. Our transport and forwarding services are quick and always on time.

Since 2001, our company has participated in the “Fair Play Enterprise” programme organized by the Polish Chamber of Commerce. The jury of the programme evaluated our business activity for 5 years and issued an opinion that confirmed high reliability and competitiveness of our enterprise. In 2003, TOLMAR was granted a Gold Certificate, followed by a “Fair Play Enterprise” Gold Statuette in 2005.

February 2006 saw the completion of the process of implementing our Integrated Management System conforming to ISO 9001:2000 and HACCP guidelines based on the Danish Standard (DS.3027E:2000), obtaining appropriate certificates.

We help people

In addition to possessing the ability of managing profits skilfully by implementing investments, the company is aware of and open to other people’s needs. We have been giving financial assistance to ORZESZEK, a preschool for children with special needs, for many years. At present, we also support the Association for Helping Children with Heart and Kidney Diseases.

Diplomas and certificates

  Fair Play 2001 Diploma

  Quality Management System Registration Certificate
  Trademark registration certificate
  Congratulation Letter from the Marshal of the Wielkopolska Province
  Quality Management System Registration Certificate 2


TOLMAR is a TFL company based in Poznań with a well-established market presence. We have provided international and domestic transport services for 36 years now. We employ experienced TFL staff who will organize and perform domestic or international carriage of goods for you in a professional and reliable way.We are a leading provider of forwarding services to Polish and foreign customers. By using our services, you can be sure to get the highest quality of service also when it comes to transporting specialist goods.


International transport
Domestic transport
Transport of hazardous cargo
Refrigerated transport


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