Transport of hazardous cargo


Refrigerated transport

Controlled temperature

Customers who are interested in transporting refrigerated goods are offered technologically advanced refrigerated semi-trailers designed specifically for the transport of goods which must be transported in temperatures ranging from -25oC to + 25oC. To confirm that cargo has been duly taken care of during transport, after executing the service our drivers will provide you with a time-temperature graph covering the period from cargo loading until unloading.

Our latest addition to the service range is the possibility to transport 66 euro-pallets thanks to doppelstock (double-deck) semi-trailers.

Truck transport


TOLMAR is a TFL company based in Poznań with a well-established market presence. We have provided international and domestic transport services for 36 years now. We employ experienced TFL staff who will organize and perform domestic or international carriage of goods for you in a professional and reliable way.We are a leading provider of forwarding services to Polish and foreign customers. By using our services, you can be sure to get the highest quality of service also when it comes to transporting specialist goods.


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Transport of hazardous cargo
Refrigerated transport


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