Our history


The beginnings of our transport activity go back to 1985. Initially, we offered only van transport services. In order to expand our business, we bought more vehicles.


Year 1992 marks the launch of fully-fledged road transport services using trucks. It was also at that time that a part of the Company’s name: PRZEDSIĘBIORSTWO TRANSPORTOWE (transport company) and the TOLMAR logo became firmly established.
In 1993, we purchased the first licence for international carriage of goods.


1996 marked the beginning of further investments. We bought our first new road tractor (DAF 85) and we have purchased brand new vehicles ever since

In 1998, we leased an area complete with office facilities in Boranta street, which made it possible to establish our own transport depot.

In 1999, we branched out into forwarding.


At the end of December 2005, after transformation of the company’s legal form of activity, our enterprise was entered in the National Court Register under the following name: Przedsiębiorstwo Transportowe TOLMAR A. Świrski, M. Świrska Sp. J.

historia_2008 In 2008, our fleet achieved the target number of 20 transport units which had not been in operation for longer than 3 years.


historia_2014-16 Throughout the years, we have successfully built up a reputation as a trustworthy and reliable carrier. Customers view our company as an excellent partner for cooperation.